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Our aim is to give dignity to girls in Malawi, by providing sanitary supplies or investing in skills and health education programmes.

This is not just a female issue. It's a community issue.

Your donation invests in the key role girls play in the livelihood and development of entire family units.

Give today and equip future generations of girls - and boys - to have the freedom to flourish.

How to donate:

What your donation can do:

  • Provide a Life Pack to a girl in Malawi, some of which are made by Days for Girls, which contain recyclable, biodegradable pads that help keep the girl in school.
  • Provide health and empower training to young girls and women at a vital stage in their development.

Other work we are hoping to support through the ACT & Builders House partnership is:

  • Contribute to school fees for girls who have dropped out of education due to not affording their annual school fees.
  • Construct girls toilets in Nyezerera and provide a safe place for girls to change their pads.
  • Provide school resources such as maths book and science books
  • Support research on how to fix a boar hole for the Khombie village.
  • Investigate the development of a health clinic for the Khombie village. Community members currently have to walk 15km to go to the nearest health facility.