Lessons from the Girls in Leadership Empowerment Programme

During October, representatives of the Dignity Project (including Vicky Taylor – Free Range Chicks Founder) went to visit the Nyerzerera Primary School in Malawi and develop an understanding of the work of our ‘on the ground’ partner, GILEP.

GILEP (Girls In Leadership Empowerment Programme) is an NGO which is undertaking some important and significant work in addressing issues of menstruation management in Malawi.

Their work seeks to build relationships and dialogue with a variety of stakeholders in Malawi communities, to build awareness and create responses that the entire community can own.

One of the many difficult aspects of effective menstruation management, is that girls can be pressurised into unwanted sexual activity/favours in order to obtain the menstruation supplies from men in their community.

Through the provision of life-skills training and education, GILEP’s programmes are enabling girls to say ‘no’, understand their options and operate as a role model to friends and younger students.

The Dignity Project is now partnering with GILEP and working in 4 different schools Nyezerera, Namphungo, Khombie and Hope Village.

In each location there will be a different strategy either they will be taught to make the pads or they will be given ‘Days for Girls’ kits or they will be given pads made by widows in Malawi.

Partnerships are key to the success of this work. Girls futures are at stake, so learning to work together in trust, honesty,integrity and honour is essential.

Read about our partners.

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