Our campaign

At Dignity - we're working to take the 'period' out of periods.

We're partnering with the African Child Trust (ACT), Builders House and GILEP (Girls In Leadership Empowerment Programme) to support girls at four schools in Southern Malawi. Many of the schools' girl pupils are consistently absent for one week each month due to the lack of sanitation and menstruation provision.

We want to provide sanitary supplies and solutions, to support girls' right to an education and value their vocation. We also want to equip and train girls in developing sewing skills to create their own sanitary supplies.

Buy a Life Pack..

For less than £10, you can buy a Life Pack which we'll send to a support a girl in Malawi. The Life Pack contains recyclable, biodegradable pads that help keep girls in school.

Life Packs are beautifully made and hand-sown by the Days for Girls organisation.

Invest in skills development

Providing resources is important. Empowering young women to take charge of their own lives is far more significant. Through your giving, we can help invest in programmes and sewing equipment that will teach girls and women to develop their own skills in creating sanitary supplies.

Take action now

Will you donate to support this vital work? For more information on how you can get involved, click here to donate, or contact us.